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The J-Staff Jort'ers are a volleyball team made of servicemembers deployed in Honduras. Jorts are not a simple article of clothing. They are a lifestyle, an existance in themselves. We are paying homage to those who rocked the jorts during the single greatest rock era in the good ole U.S.A.-the era of the 80's Hair Band.

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Mizz Jones, 07/25/07

These are by far the sexiest Jorst I have ever seen! - Mizz J

courtduff, 06/20/08

TEAM JORT ... oh my GOD!

YoPeeps, 01/22/09

JORT Fraternity

shirtsbyeric, 02/13/09

When you're a Jort, you're a Jort all the way!

k.kennedy88, 05/06/09

phi beta jorts

angrycraig, 05/28/09

tappa assa jorts

Whittedjorts, 09/21/09

All for jorts, and jorts for all!

Jorty McJortJorts, 10/06/09

Hey jorts, where's your pink pop collar shirt?

Drew, 10/08/09

wife beater jorts

Union Tom, 12/04/09

Props to Drew

acarlson, 01/03/10

Gay Tony tried to start a trend by tying up his wife beater. Later drops his jorts to stunned silence

, 04/02/10

picture taken one second before guy on far left begins an extended session of projectile vomiting

ray, 12/04/11

Juvenial detention jorts..

whiteheat, 06/17/13

team jorts

peterboggie, 06/09/16

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