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jorts ensure victorious

Too Tight, Cutoffs

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ybab, 07/18/07

I envy his confidence!

lola, 07/19/07

maybe a little TOO confident! <3, the girlfriend

kateallen, 05/25/08

canadian tuxedo jorts! you dont see that everyday...

shirtsbyeric, 02/13/09

Praise Jorts!

angrycraig, 05/28/09

i can't feel my balls!

DubC, 07/09/09

I conquered the world Jorts

Jorty McJortJorts, 10/06/09

The freedom of jorts

Drew, 10/08/09

reaching for the sky jorts

low ridin' jawts, 11/05/09

thank god i found a pill jorts!!

Union Tom, 12/04/09

Love my Oakleys jorts

GoBigRed, 06/07/10

Messin with Sasquatch jorts

slauteyourjorts, 10/22/10

just took a glorious shit in the woods/ shower sandal jorts

ray, 12/04/11

Brokeback mountain jorts...

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