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Too Tight, Cutoffs

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Photo Description

Being casual in just my little cutoff shorts period.

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dall1w, 07/01/07

hot jorts!

mommydx3, 07/03/08

caveman jorts

BennyBlancoFromtheRock, 08/08/08

Cue the dueling banjo's.

, 08/14/08

gerbil jorts, check out the tail.

heidiho13, 10/02/08

Camel balls!

YoPeeps, 01/22/09

moose knuckle jorts

shirtsbyeric, 02/13/09

His tampon sting is showing

angrycraig, 05/28/09

mouth breather jorts

DubC, 07/09/09

UniBomber Jorts

schoopcaddyKAT, 09/10/09

i see your gonads

Randall McPimp, 09/19/09

Billy Grady jorts lol.

Jorty McJortJorts, 10/06/09

John Phillips Jorts?

Drew, 10/08/09

at one with nature jorts

Union Tom, 12/04/09

Should have kept the pcckets hanging jorts

hammerpocket, 02/14/10

Old school jorts.

jortie, 05/21/10

failed axe adverstisement.

slauteyourjorts, 10/22/10

just took the brown acid at woodstock jorts

ChineseJorts, 04/13/11

Charles Manson jorts

HeartlessBWord, 08/29/11

Neanderthal jorts

ray, 12/04/11

Geico caveman jorts..

jortluver2000<3, 01/06/13

These jorts are making me thirsty. Thirsty for more jorts!

Kentons, 09/16/14

cute guy, and awesome shorts.. love it..

peterboggie, 06/09/16

peterboggie, 06/09/16

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